X-Wing Legacy

Basic info

Game details

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Publisher Atomic Mass Games
Fantasy Flight Games
Link https://www.atomicmassgames.com
Administrator Sam RedSam Bredeson #52 

Rating & award thresholds

Game threshold 20 – What is this?
Dabbler awards 5+ games per Faction
Devoted awards Initiate 10+
Enthusiast 20+
Disciple 30+
Fanatic 40+

Event & game scoring

Tournament points

Win Loss Draw
1 0 0

Preferred tie breakers

1st(MOV) Standard
2nd(SOS) Strength of schedule – Average opponent TP


First player First player
Second player Second player


A player who receives a bye WINS that game with the following scores used when calculating tie-breakers.

Player Phantom
VP 100 0


Faction Colors
First Order
Galactic Empire
Galactic Republic
Rebel Alliance
Scum and Villainy
Separatist Alliance

XWS encoded list submission

If you submit a list using standardized XWS code when registering for an event, your ships, pilots, upgrades, and obstacles will be included in statistics for that event and for the entire X-Wing metagame.

To submit a coded list, copy the XWS code for your list using the "export" function of your favorite list builder. Paste that into the "list" section of your Longshanks event registration and you're all set. It's that easy!


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